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Remember when...

  • You wasted time looking for answers?
  • You went over budget?
  • You wasted all that material?
  • You had to figure it out all alone?
  • You got stuck and gave up?

We're here to help!

  • Easy to find information that saves time
  • Fun content on variety of topics and techniques
  • Build your skills in areas that interest you
  • Mentors to show you the way when you're stuck
  • We'll get you started and keep you going!

Why join our community?

Never get stuck

Learning new techniques is simpler with real time instructional videos, so you can absorb new skills without watching hours of time lapse videos!

Get Inspired!

Subscribe to our community, meet other cosplayers at your same level, and get to know knowledgeable mentors!

Share your goals and projects, get inspired and know how to start and where to go next!

Build confidence!

Don't just build your costume, but also your skills and confidence!

Start new projects as inspiration hits while growing your own personal skilltree!

Measuring your Progress

Measuring your progress isn't linear, but we will still help you identify and reach attainable milestones as a cosplayer!

Decide and shape your own journey and goals as a cosplayer, while we support you every step of the way!

You don't have to complete every stage, but having guidance will make the journey easier.

What we offer

Beginner Prop Kit & Course

Our kit has 3 props, a sword, shield and an axe.

All the pieces are pre-cut and you just learn how to create 3D objects with foam, without the stress of messing up!

Learn the basic of foam crafting and get started easier!

Patterns & Resources

Patterns and resources we offer FOR FREE to our members can be purchased individually on our Etsy shop!

Some of you may be further on your own cosplay journeys, and appreciate downloadable resources along the way.

Monthly Subscription

Our community is the best valie of our services!

Similar to a "Patreon" membership, we offer mentorship as well as downloadable patterns and resources.

Our discord community is the best way to get direct help on your journey!

Meet your Mentors

My name is Kristy and I am a Blackfoot/Indigenous cosplayer of 10 years based out of Alberta in the traditional lands of the Blackfoot Confederacy.

I specialize in foam crafting and prop making, but I still love sewing and learning new techniques! But also love helping others and making new friends!

I am best known for my Wonder Woman, Donald Duck cosplay, prop making and fashion sense! I cosplay and create content full time which works hand in hand being a freelance designer, artist, illustrator, and youth facilitator.

I would love to keep cosplaying full time, and maybe guest at a convention in the future!

Partner Mentors

Autumns Cosplay

I have been cosplaying since 2014, and competing for just as long. I love competitive cosplay in particular. My favorite techniques include embroidery and leather working.

Autumn is a mentor and responsible for community outreach


CosPayton is an award-winning self-taught cosplayer, photographer, and pattern maker with over a decade of cosplay and theater experience under their belt.

Cospayton is a mentor and contribute content to cosplay skilltree

We're passionate about cosplay!

At Cosplay Skilltree we know you want to be a cosplayer! In order to do that, you need confidence. The problem is you have no idea where to start, which makes you feel overwhelmed and intimidated. We believe anyone is creative enough to be a cosplayer! We understand how scary it is to just start. Which is why we made this community, to help aspiring cosplayers like you!

Here's how we do it:

1. Choose your project.

2. Purchase a pattern or join our community with all our resources.

3. Build your confidence with our guidance and our supportive community!

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