You want to start right away, but you don't have a lot of..

We took our experiences and simplified the journey, and added stepping stones to the path so you can clearly see where you need to go!

Your journey will always be unique to you, so we want to help you carve your own path by providing a variety of exclusive content made by our mentors in sewing, foam smiting, prop making, and wig styling on an easy to search platform.

Measuring your progress

In our membership, we created an easy to follow path of milestones and levels for you to fill in your own skilltree.

Follow the path of skills you wish to explore!

Developing a brand fit for Cosplayers

We all know there are hundreds of courses out there these days. but not anything specific for aspiring cosplayers with the same learning structure.

Kristy and Emma presented the concept of a more structured learning model for cosplay to the parent companies CEOGlenn Street, who wholeheartedly supported the idea. After a long year of development. Cosplay Skilltree was officially launched in 2021!

We began with a course and a beginner prop kit, and have now expanded to monthly content think patreon style and free resources for our members who pay monthly.

We're passionate about connecting with you as a budding cosplaver, and show you easy stepping stones for you journey.We're excited to see where we can grow and expand our own skilltree in real life with you!

The Parent Company

Street Characters Inc. roots trace back to 1984 when our company president Glenn Street worked with two high profile local mascots: the very first mascot in the National Hockey League. Harvey the Hound of the Calgary Flames, and Harry the Horse of the world famous Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.

While performing as Harvey, Glenn was frequently asked by other teams how they could set a similar character of their own. Seeing a great opportunity. Glenn started Street Characters Inc. in 1987

Testimonials from our members

Never get stuck

I've always done costuming for different materials. Usually on the cheap for a long time and I thought well this this has potential. I had to think about it, but it only took me like one pass the one aisle to come to the decision. This is a good way to get started. The price is reasonable and has everything basic ready to go and the learnings. I liked seeing somebody else do it in real time and liked the ability to go back in the videos. So I'm quite happy with the purchase and I get to meet all the new people too.


Get Inspired!

My husband and I have done a lot of costuming over the years. We didn't know what we were doing and trying to find information online for how to

do things it's just so much to dig through. We saw the booth and  talking to Kristy it sounded like a really good idea. I thought it was a great value to end up with three complete props.  I was really surprised how simple and easy the process is and  everything that we needed is in the box, which is amazing.

 So, we are really happy with it.


Build confidence!

I was in a world of Darkness, lost in a sea of different, YouTube and Instagram, and Tik-Tok of confusion, nothing would work for me. I spoke to them, they are wonderful people, and I found that instead of being overwhelmed, they teach you each piece all in small bite-sized chunks so that you never feel overwhelmed. Also doing it with another group and engaging in the live stream and you have people who are working alongside you, you get to see the successes. Since I started Cosplay Skilltree, I can finally say that I am a cosplayer.


We're passionate about cosplay!

At Cosplay Skilltree we know you want to be a cosplayer! In order to do that, you need confidence. The problem is you have no idea where to start, which makes you feel overwhelmed and intimidated. We believe anyone is creative enough to be a cosplayer! We understand how scary it is to just start. Which is why we made this community, to help aspiring cosplayers like you!

Here's how we do it:

1. Choose your project.

2. Purchase a pattern or join our community with all our resources.

3. Build your confidence with our guidance and our supportive community!

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