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February 1, 2022

Is EVA Foam Better Than Other Foams?

Is EVA foam better than other foams? In terms of quality of life, yes. EVA foam is GREAT for cosplay, and you can achieve a very high level of quality with a higher density foam. EVA foam is used in a lot of industries including surfboards, paddle boards, skateboards, motorcycle helmets, knee pads, etc. There are so many uses for high density foam, and you are not limited in what you can do with it! EVA foam is used in the making of props and other accessories in many cosplay projects, and is super customizable. But no matter where you get your foam and if it is the best foam in the world, if you feel amazing in your cosplay then THAT is all that matters! So is high density foam the best to use? Yes. But if you are confident in your crafting skills, you can make any material look good! Even cardboard!

But let’s dive deeper on the topic, just for fun shall we? There are three reasons why I like to use Eva foam for cosplay. The first reason is the smooth feel of the foam. A standard sheet of EVA foam has a smooth finish compared to others in its price range which makes it great to sculpt with. The second reason I love EVA foam is that it is resilient. EVA foam makes it ideal for cosplay as a material that can withstand frequent wearing. And lastly, EVA foam can be shaped in several different ways so it is very flexible. It makes whatever costume you want to create one-of-a-kind.

While other foams could work, the benefits of using high density EVA foam does make crafting easier overall. Another reason why it is better is that EVA foam will not melt in the heat of devices such as a hot glue gun, like other foams will. When you are trying to put your armor or prop pieces together with hot glue the last thing you would want is to have the foam melt on you.

Additional benefits of using EVA foam are that it is easy to work with, can be glued with contact cement instead of super hot and dangerous hot glue, cut and carved, and has excellent resistance to oil, grease, water, and solvents.

So for example, I made my Wonder Woman costume from EVA foam and was able to mold it to a realistic body shape thanks to how flexible the foam is. Even with a corset as a base, the foam remains flexible enough to wear comfortably.

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