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April 1, 2022

Wigs Discourse- Cheap vs Expensive

Would we encourage you to purchase costly or save money on cheap cosplay wigs? It is valid what they say, you get what you pay for and particularly with regards to purchasing any product. HOWEVER, with the right skills and techniques, you could make ANY wig look great! The more money you spend, you could get a wig that is the correct colour out of the bag and it could be easier to work with overall. But if you’re a novice at wig styling, not even a super expensive human hair wig will help you learn those techniques. If you take the time to learn the skills and techniques you need to style a wig properly, you could make a cheap amazon wig look great!

That being said, a “decent” quality wig won’t just look better, it may endure heavier styling and last longer than a budget wig, but that will also all depend on how you take care of your wigs. In any case, even regular hair wigs have fluctuating costs as indicated by the quality and length of the hair and the craftsmanship of the actual hairpiece. Thus, before you purchase a wig, research your choices and reviews carefully. Picking a decent wig, as well as gathering the right knowledge on styling techniques may save you tons of money in the long run!

Numerous cosplayers wear wigs to change their appearance and hair colour and style, often in very fantastical styles and colours to better portray a character. Others wear them every day to hide diminishing hair, alopecia, or because of a genetic condition or the aftereffect of a sickness. Someone may simply wear a wig for fashion or style, and a wig is a much easier solution than constantly dying or styling your natural hair. Whatever the reason or goal in purchasing a wig or hairpiece, it has become very attainable to get a nice wig these days due to the demand both for everyday and casual wear. Assuming you are simply going to utilize your wig sporadically for significant occasions, like for a cosplay, you might have the option to get by with a cheap hairpiece.

Assuming you intend to wear a hairpiece consistently, you should search for hairpieces that are natural and high quality. These will generally be human hair hairpieces that are costlier but can be worn every day or specially installed to be worn for multiple days in a row. A wig could even be brought to a salon to get cut and trimmed to best flatter your face as well! This isn’t just for your own solace and convenience, but for the prosperity of your normal hair. Tight and constrictive wigs can potentially cause irritation and possible hair loss along your hairline, so be sure to get a wig that will fit comfortably. Most wigs would be adjustable, but be sure to check the sizing and reviews of any wig before purchasing.

Hairpieces that are produced using human hair have a more natural look than those made with synthetic hair strands. All hairpieces contain a cap, which is its base, where the hair is joined utilizing various methods. The hair is joined in wefts on the hairpiece. Hair strings are multiplied over and firmly sewn together in longer strands. There are so many different methods and styles of wigs! These days, even lace front wigs are both cost effective and look great for both natural or synthetic fiber wigs to give the illusion of a natural hairline.

Human hair wigs are the most natural looking, but synthetic wigs can also pass for natural hair when cleverly styled and coloured. Synthetic wigs however, can be dyed using Idye Poly packets into any wild colour you need for your cosplay and can be dyed at home safely and easily. As many cosplays call for super cool hair colours, like bright blue or pink, synthetic wigs are more cost efficient and come in a variety of price points. So even with a small budget, you can get a great wig in any colour.

A higher price point may get you a super thick, super long wig, but may run you over $100 and way more for just one wig! And this often does not include the additional wefts you may need to further thicken a wig, or change a colour tone! A cheaper price point wig may not be as thick, but you could more easily buy 2 or 3 of the same <$10-20 wig and sew the wigs together! So whatever you are willing to spend, you have so many options to achieve the look you want!

For greater adaptability for everyday wear, a human hair wig is the most ideal. For cosplay or casual wear, you can decide based on your own personal preferences and budget what you are willing to spend on a wig. Learning how to take care of your wigs, both synthetic and natural will also help to extend your dollar since you can clean and restyle a wig that hasn’t been melted or hot glued into a style. Whether for cosplay or preference, your natural hair will always be just fine for cosplay as well! A can of spray colour hairspray could help to colour your hair temporarily without even putting on a wig. Or if you’re a beginner, choosing a cosplay character that matches your natural hair also helps to keep costs down when building out a costume. Never feel pressured to spend more than you are able because as long as you have fun and you’re safe, your cosplay will be great!

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